S.U.-News GmbH Satellite Uplink is a specialist for satellite uplinks and downlinks for live events in the fields of sport, medicine, politics, news, business and events.


The company was founded in October 2000 by its managing directors Kathrin Keller and Markus Schillinger. Two years later, S.U.-News was already an established provider in the satellite communications industry.


This has been due primarily to our first-rate crew and fully redundant SNG transmission vehicles. Having started out with just one, the S.U.-News SNG fleet now includes three transmission vehicles and one mobile downlink unit.


Swift problem management is one of our specialties. Our aim is always to ensure a smooth and high-quality satellite transmission process – regardless how important or high-reach the broadcast of the live event is. 


The company is run on the basis of congeniality and cooperation. Mutual respect and friendly human interaction define the working atmosphere at S.U.-News.


The S.U.-News team consists of our SNG staff, camera operators as well as sound and video engineers. All our employees are highly qualified specialists for satellite transmission at live events.


Delivering outstanding work is very important to us, which is why we only employ staff with many years of experience. Our SNG specialists work professionally and reliably. Continuous further education, team skills and a good working atmosphere are a matter of course for our crew. All members of the S.U.-News team work independently and enjoy taking on responsibility.


Live transmissions are teamwork. In every situation, our employees therefore take care to ensure friendly and positive cooperation with journalists, directors and other experts. They relate to their contacts as professional partners. And their appearance is always appropriate to the character of each event.

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